Memory Foam Vs Latex Foam Mattress – Which One Is Best For You?

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Knowing which mattress to purchase often makes or breaks sleep at night. In these modern times, folk’s are now increasingly serious in finding the very best mattress that will help improve their sleep. Thankfully, we now have a wide range of mattress technologies to choose between.

Two of the more popular mattresses today are memory foam mattresses and latex foam mattresses. Which one would be the better option?

Memory Foam Mattress

Buy this if you are looking for exceptionally supportive mattress, a mattress that may be a lttle bit hot in the course of the summer season does’nt bother you, you are afflicted with back pain or joint pain problems.

This mattress consists of visco elastic foams. These are temperature-sensitive foams that will conform to the contours of a persons body. Not all Memory foam beds are the same. They will be different in regards to ILD and density level. The greater the ILD and density, the firmer the mattress gets. It is extremely important that you search for the right density and ILD level appropriate weight, size and sleep preferences.

Latex Foam Mattress

Buy this if you need a a more natural mattress, if you would like a more breathable mattress if you really want a mattress that could possibly add longevity. Latex foams are produced from vulcanized rubber tree sap. Because it’s extracted from more natural sources, it reduces the probability of allergy attacks attributable to chemicals.

With regards to support, it gives memory foam a run for its money. It’s built with a minimum of 4 pounds of density which offer a reliable balance of support and comfort to the user.
The pincore cells drilled in this bed allows the foam to conform to the contours of your body. Also, the pincore cells make your bed more breathable. It hampers the build up of bacteria, germs and molds.

This mattress is a good choice for bedridden people, those recovering from injuries or illnesses, backache sufferers or those seeking a good night’s sleep. Also, there are various kinds of latex beds today. Synthetic latex mattress is also available. Since it’s synthetic, you are less likely to receive the full benefits available in more natural latex mattresses.

Eclipse Ultra-Deluxe 9-Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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