How To Find The Best Mattress Store In Knoxville TN

How To Find The Best Mattress Stores In Knoxville TN

Find The Best Knoxville TN Mattress Stores

There are lots of mattress stores in the greater Knoxville area. Some of them sell quality products and others, well, not so much. When you’re shopping for a new mattress it can be confusing trying to figure out who is selling the top of the line mattresses like those you’ll find at the Dream Factory Mattress Outlet and who is trying to pawn off a bunch of used mattresses they picked up from the local hotel when they underwent renovations.

Things to Look for in Knoxville TN Mattress Stores

It’s important to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to Knoxville TN mattress stores so here are a few things to look for:

Do they let you “test drive” the mattress? – At the Dream Factory Outlet we encourage you to take our state of the art bedding for a test drive. We’re confident you’ll find our mattresses the most comfortable you’ve ever experienced. If a mattress store won’t let you try out their product you have to ask yourself “Why?”

Do they guarantee their product? – If a mattress store has an “all sales final” policy you might want to take a pass. After all, what if the mattress that’s delivered to you turns out to have stains on the underside or a foul odor you didn’t notice in the store? At the Dream Factory all our products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Do they offer free delivery? – Speaking of delivery if the mattress store doesn’t offer free delivery on their products you might want try somewhere else. It could very well be that any savings you thought you were going to enjoy get gobbled up by the delivery charges. The Dream Factory offers absolutely free delivery on all orders over $500.

Do they offer 0% financing? – Some Knoxville TN Mattress stores are pretty clever in the way they make back the discounts they’re supposedly offering. One way they do is to gouge you when it comes to financing. At the Dream Factory outlet you’ll sleep a little easier knowing we offer 0% financing on our state of the art bedding.

Are they conveniently located? – Some mattress stores are located in the city center where parking can only be described as a challenge. Others are located so far out of town getting there qualifies as a road trip. The Dream Factory Mattress Outlet is located just west of downtown Knoxville 100 yards off of I-40. And there’s always tons of free parking.

● Are they open 7 days? – Finally, a lot of folks don’t have time to go mattress shopping during the week. They need the mattress store to be open on the weekend, and not just Saturday morning when they’re sleeping in after a long week. The Dream Factory is open 7 days a week so you can shop when the time is right for you.

Not all mattress stores in Knoxville, TN, are the same. Here at Dream Factory Mattress Outlet, we take great pride in knowing that we are able to help those who are not getting the sleep their body needs. Watch the short video below and fin out why it is so important to find a Knoxville mattress store that will help you get the most comfortable mattress at the best price possible.



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